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CPG works with top in-house graphic designers to help translate your design concepts, product designs and branding ideas into a finished work, ready for use online and in print


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Traditional (Hand Drawn) Illustration

Professional illustration work can help express a finer touch to any project. Whether you seek traditional illustration work for a branding project or as a unique commissioning, CPG is able to assist. Consult with us and we will be able to find the right talent to match your need for hand drawn illustration work.

Computer Aided Design

Product design often requires specialised computer aided design talent. As we at CPG work with a variety of clients and business types, we are well familiar with the occasional need for computer aided design expertise. Get in touch with our team of professionals to see how we can help with your need for computer aided design, whether for a product or anything of a more specific nature.

Vector Graphics

Graphic design work encompasses a variety of different styles and talents. For those of your projects that require vector graphics, we are able to pair our clients with professional talent to complete any job requirement. We work with vector graphic designers who are as experienced as they are talented, and are able to consult with you on any specific need for professional vector graphics.

Photographic Manipulation

Being in the print industry allows our team at CPG to work closely with digital imaging professionals. This means that we are always capable of helping our clients with any need for photographic manipulation. This often comes in the form of touching up for photos, or more custom photographic manipulation techniques that may be used for custom graphic design needs.

Publication Design

A mainstay of graphic design requests come in the form of professional layout design for publications. This need for publication design is one that we see expressed through staple projects such as magazines, internal circulars and brochures. If your organisation is in need of a reliable publication design service, consider how we can match you with the right layout design talent.

Diagrams & Maps

Tradeshows, events and pop-up booths are among some of the most popular ways for companies to get their brand publicly recognised. At CPG, we often receive requests for the production of print collateral to support such event types. With these requests, we often receive client orders for custom designed diagrams and maps. If your organisation is in a similar need for custom designed diagrams and maps, consult with us to see how we can deliver a professional graphic design service that exceeds expectations.

Packaging Design

It is often thought that packaging conveys a powerful impression. At CPG, we tend to agree. If you find value in good packaging design, consider how you can consult with us on the specifics of your project, or intended product. Our graphic designers are always happy to weigh in with professional recommendations for any packaging design project.

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