Personalised Stationery Printing

CPG helps people every day with their specific stationery printing needs. You can rely on us to help you present a unified, matching and professional image to your clients and customers. From business cards to letterheads, envelopes, branded consumables, removable media and more, CPG can meet all your business stationery printing needs. Here’s a small selection of what we do all day every day:

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Business Card Printing

Business Cards will hardly go out of trend, and have been a mainstay of the requests we receive from our clients and customers. Consult with CPG on the specifics of your project, whether it involves a particular print material, or volume of production. We are always ready to assist with any need for professional business card printing.

Custom Letterheads

At CPG, we understand the importance of having professionally printed collaterals, when it comes to representing one’s organisation. As we work with a variety of different businesses, we are always able to recommend the best custom letterhead solutions for customers seeking printing services for their company stationery. Whether as part of a package or to update your company letterheads, CPG is able to provide custom letterheads for professional production.

With Compliments Slips

It sometimes takes a personal touch to convey an honest sentiment, and CPG understands this. Whether for a tradeshow or professional event, we can help with your need for the production of custom ‘with compliments’ slips. These always add a touch of sincerity to your organisation, especially when used to extend gratitude to members of your professional network. Consult with us to see how we can assist with the customisation and production of ‘with compliments’ slips for your company today.

Envelope Printing

Few things convey the professionalism of an organisation like a custom printed envelope does. Whether your corporate guidelines call for something functional or unique, CPG is able to assist. We work with clients from a wide variety of businesses, and can help with any request for envelope printing production. Consult with us today to explore how we can help you with custom envelope printing that will leave a lasting impression on your professional network.

Docket Books

Professional stationery can set the standard within any organisation. If you want to convey that touch of professionalism within your organisation, consider how custom printed docket books could accompany the rest of your custom produced professional stationery. CPG handles a wide variety of requests, and can help with your need for custom printed docket books.

Presentation Folders

Businesses that often deal with external parties such as vendors and clients often see the need to have their organisation professional represented by custom printed collateral. Professionally designed and produced presentation folders are among some of the more popular examples of these. CPG is able to assist with your need for custom presentation folders that will set a great impression with your professional network.

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