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CPG helps retailers big and small with all printed Point Of Sale material. If you can imagine it in your locations, we can print it. No job is too big or too small for our point of sale printing service.


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Pull Up Banners (pictured)

The retail space is arguably one of the most competitive spaces to consider when it comes to the production of point of sale print collaterals. Pull up banners remain as some of the most attractive point of sale print materials that can be used to attract foot traffic to your premises. Perfect for any promotional products or services, consult with us at CPG if you are thinking about producing a custom printed pull up banner for your business.

Swing Tags

Swing tags add a touch of finesse to premium products in retail spaces. If you require custom printed swing tags made either for products within the fashion or lifestyle category, we at CPG are always happy to deliver a professional design and printing service. Our clients frequently consult with us with regard to the production of custom printed swing tags that continue to impress customers and business partners alike.

Poster Printing

Passing decades of retail practices have only shown that posters have remained as a mainstay when it comes to sales communication within retail spaces. At CPG, we specialise in a variety of print and design outputs, and it goes without saying that poster printing is among our leading specialties. We have assisted countless clients from a wide variety of industry types with their need for professional poster printing, and are happy to offer expert advice with regard to any need you may have for the design and production of posters for your business.

Strut Cards

Strut cards are an inexpensive and quickly produced method for businesses to convey a special focus on any promotional effort. Often used in retail spaces and sometimes, within food and beverage environments, strut cards can provide your organisation with a quick and hassle-free way to promote a service item or a product at low cost. If you have a promotional idea for your business that could use strut cards as a format, consider how we at CPG can help you.

Ticket Toppers

Like strut cards, ticket toppers are another easily produceable and inexpensive format to help business owners communicate a promotional product or service. Commonly seen within retail spaces such as supermarkets and department stores, ticket toppers are often used to convey flash discounts or sales for stock clearance of items. If you find yourself in need of professional design and production services of ticket toppers, consider how we at CPG can assist.


There aren’t many consumers who would be unfamiliar with the concept of a wobbler. Commonly seen in convenience stores and supermarkets, wobblers help to draw attention to promotional sales items and services that are otherwise found within an ordered display format. If you want to bring your customers’ attention towards a promotional item on clearance, wobblers offer an eye-catching and inexpensive way to get the job done.

Window Decals

While some business owners may opt to have their windows adorned with promotional hand-painted signage, most will go wit the hassle-free, professional option of having their window decals printed instead. The sky is the limit when it comes to the professional production of window decals, whether to promote the branding of your business or for more specific promotional items on sale. We at CPG are always ready to discuss these options, should you find yourself in need of professionally produced window decals.

Signage printing

Like posters, commercial signage is a mainstay of any retail establishment. And we at CPG are always happy to assist with the specifics of any signage printing requirement. Depending on the nature of your business and the audience you wish to attract or communicate with, we are able to recommend professionally designed signage options that will help you effectively achieve your business’ agenda. Be it to increase foot traffic or promote a specific product, our signage printing services will definitely help you get the job done.

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